Design Gateway Circuit Difference

Tech Tip: Design Gateway Circuit Difference


Design Gateway has a tool to help you compare two schematics and highlight their differences.  The Circuit Difference tool is a great way to check different schematic revisions.  The differences are listed as Add, Delete, or Change. You can cross probe to the differences in the Design Editor schematic or the Overlay Difference GUI which lays the two schematic sheets over each other to compare.

When revising a schematic, it is important to check the changes against the previous revision.  This will ensure your changes are complete and accurate. Sometimes you just want to check the differences between schematic revisions to see exactly how they differ.  The Circuit Difference tool in Design Gateway is a fast and easy way to compare changes between two schematics.

Circuit Difference compares two designs and outputs their differences in the following items:

  • Additions and deletions of sheets
  • Additions, deletions, movements, change properties for components
  • Change properties for component pins
  • Additions, deletions, and movements of net segments
  • Changes in circuit connections

Brian Gilman
Brian Gilman
Applications Engineer
Brian Gilman is an applications engineer, supporting customers with CR-8000/CR-5000 training and consulting. He works directly with the customers on a daily basis helping them work through the technical challenges they face. He loves to ski and must be on the first chairlift in the morning to lay down the first tracks on fresh powder.