Creating Comparison Project Files in E3.series

Tech Tip: Creating Comparison Project Files in E3.series


During your design process, you might need to create a comparison file to report the differences between saved project files. Within E3.series there is a way to create a project file that shows the revision difference of two project files. This is a very simple feature to use and does not require any add-on tool.

In this Tech Tip, I will show you how simple and quick it is to create a mark-up comparison file using this feature of E3.series.

While working on product design, you can have several releases of your product drawings. Then when needing to pass along these new drawings to others you often need to communicate the changes between the old and new files. To mark up the drawing differences is time-consuming and is prone to user error.

Using the compare project files feature built within E3.series you can run a comparison of the two project files. One of the outputs from this comparison is a different project file. This file includes the revision marks of the differences between the two project files. Having automated mark-ups of the drawing differences will help you save time and prevent user error.

In this video, I will show how to run the comparison of two project files.

Laura Mirto
Laura Mirto
E3.series Technical Marketing Manager
Laura Mirto is the E3.series Technical Marketing Manager in North America. As a former E3.series applications engineering team member, providing useful information to our current and potential customers will always be one of her passions. One of Laura's favorite hobbies is arts and crafts; she is always up for learning a new art form.