Tech-Tip: CR-8000 Combo Command in CR-8000 Engineering Desktop


In CR-8000 Engineering Desktop, we have a function call “CR-8000 Combo Command”.


What is the “CR-8000 Combo Command”?

This command allows a user to create and put in multiple CR-8000 tool commands together, and continuously execute multiple processes.

We have a dialog to create the process how the user likes to run it.


In this example, I created a process to run DG DRC check, DG Netlist Output for NDF, and DG Netlist Output for RULF.

I like to run these processes over the DG design circuit.  So In the Argument, you see in the pink color, I set “External Input” to On.


I save this setting in the “DG_test1_combo_command.cmb8” file.


Next, I create a batch file to run the CR-8000 Comb Command with setting file ”DG_test1_combo_command.cmb8”.


I save the batch file as “combcommandbatch.bat”.

In CR-8000 Engineering Desktop, [Option] > [Settings] > [Register commands] to register this batch file.


In CR-8000 Engineering Desktop, [Option] > [Settings] > [Customize menu] > [File Manager menu] > [Schematic Design Data (Design Gateway)], I register the command to assist menu.


Now in the CR-8000 Engineering Desktop, [Desktop] select DG circuit, assist menu you will see the “DG DRC & Netlist Output”.


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Takashi Ichikawa
Takashi Ichikawa
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