Bundle Routing using Contour

Tech Tip: Bundle Routing Using Contour


Design Force has many ways to help the user route more efficiently and make adding tracks easier. One of these is Bundle Routing. Bundle Routing lets you add two or more tracks at the same time. This saves time and uses less space on the board.

When routing an area of the board with an odd angle (other than 45 degrees) or shape, you can lose a lot of valuable routing space on the board. When you encounter an area like this, you can use the Contour option in the Bundle Route tool. The Contour option follows the edge of the board or tracks and quickly routes the tracks for you.

When routing, and you select more than one connection, you will be in Bundle Route mode. Just right the mouse button, and select Contour. Once you are in the Contour mode, select the shape you wish to follow and left mouse button to place the routes.

Brian Gilman
Brian Gilman
Applications Engineer
Brian Gilman is an applications engineer at Zuken USA. He started at Zuken in 2009 after spending over 20 years at Invensys.

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