Add and Editing User Property in the Constraints Browser

Tech Tip: Add and Editing User Property in the Constraints Browser


In Design Force, using the “Constraints Browser,” users can edit Component User Property.

For example, User Property “ra-lock”.


The following video and steps will show how to do so.


Open the Constraint Browser and select [Components/Parts].  You probably will not see the User Property “ra_lock”.


In that case, we need to add it by [View] > [Customize Table Configuration…].


Customize Table Configuration dialog will open.  Under the [Attribute Management] tab, select the last line, right-click, and from the assist menu select [Add Attribute].


Type in the “Attributes label” and “Attribute name”.  Change “Type” to “List”, then set the “List value”.


Put the check mark ON for “Component”.  Click [Apply].


Select the [Table Configuration] tab and select “Component” for Mode.

In “Edit table configuration”, right-click, and from the assist menu select “Add Attribute…”.


The [Attributes] dialog will open.  Type in “reference” for [Filter (attribute label):].  Select “Fix Reference” then click [Add] and [Close].


“Fix Reference” gets added under the [Basic] tab for Component.  Click [OK] to close the dialog.


In Constraint Browser, now you can change the setting of each component for User Property “ra_lock”.


This adding User Property or any Property to Constraints Browser can be used for Signals as well.

Takashi Ichikawa
Takashi Ichikawa
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