Paperless Engineering with E3.WiringChecks and E3.WiringCockpit


Eliminate communication gaps with paperless engineering

Communication between disciplines is increasingly critical as complex designs require more and more collaboration. Communication gaps often riddle engineering companies. E3.WiringChecks and E3.WiringCockpit is here to facilitate communication between design, checking, commissioning, technicians, and all parties involved after the initial design. Both solutions work within the standard E3.series environment to move towards a paperless engineering future that reduces errors by improving communication between multiple disciplines.


E3.WiringChecks improves communication between engineering and commissioning/production teams. Building upon the existing E3.redliner tool base, E3.WiringChecks enables annotation of drawings with detailed comments and categorization of error types. Additionally, it also opens up the design process to traceability during the full error cycle through discovery, correction, and validation. This means design engineers can catch preventable errors earlier in the design cycle. Therefore, preventing errors saves those enormous late-error-discovery costs, and reducing the cycle time for fixing errors.

E3.WiringChecks UI - simplified commissioning process for paperless engineering
E3.WiringChecks simplified commissioning process


E3.WiringCockpit improves communication between design and installation technicians. Instead of technicians with highlighters chasing the wires in lists, schematics, and panel drawings, E3.panel displays work instructions digitally. Wiring information such as wire gauge, wire color, and to-from device and pin, is all displayed in a simple user-friendly interface. The technician will see a, highlighted wire route within the physical model. The software digitally marks and tracks completed wires to ensure consistency across multiple wiring iterations.

E3.WiringCockpit UI - guided panel wiring for paperless engineering
E3.WiringCockpit guided panel wiring

The paperless approach improves error checking, quality control, and production using digitally traceable communication methods. Most of all, this digital thread produces the immeasurable benefit of peace of mind and ease of use. Collaboration is achieved more completely and robustly than ever before.

At ZIW Americas in April, we invite you to join our Paperless Engineering with E3.WiringChecks and E3.WiringCockpit class to learn more. In this class, you will see both solutions in action and understand the various applications of these tools. You will also learn more about the simplified, comprehensive, and future-focused approach to digital work instruction delivery and tracking to move your team toward the vision of paperless engineering.