Let GENESYS 2020 R2 Amplify Your Model Communication


The main purpose of a systems engineering tool is to augment the work of the systems engineer by providing a framework in which to construct a model of the system. This helps in two major ways. It allows the tool to do the record-keeping, assuring the consistency and completeness of the model. In addition, it frees the engineer to do the work of actual design and it makes it possible for the tool to autogenerate and maintain the variety of views into the model data that are the way the engineer can communicate in and out of the model. We like to say that with GENESYS, the tool does the bookkeeping and you do the engineering.

In his post, Vitech’s Zane Scott explains how GENESYS 2020 Release 2 fulfills this purpose and takes a significant step forward in its communication power.

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Amy Clements
Amy Clements
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