Vitech Releases GENESYS 2020 with Enhanced Capability for Model-Based Systems Engineering


Customer-Driven Enhancements Improve Productivity, Usability and Third-Party Integration

April 30, 2020 — BLACKSBURG, Va. — Vitech has released GENESYS™ 2020, the latest version of its model-based systems engineering development Genesys 2020platform. A number of customer-driven enhancements improve productivity, usability, and third-party integration. GENESYS 2020 is built upon an evolving schema based on real-world needs, making it applicable for both system and product development. Systems engineers will experience greater flexibility, power, and control over their model construction and verification.

“The capabilities introduced in this release provide the systems engineer with more power and flexibility to define, engineer, and analyze the design solution,” said David Long, President of Vitech. “GENESYS already provides you with a superior model-based systems engineering experience. GENESYS 2020 takes us to a new level in terms of capabilities, while enhancing the ease of use, making it easier for individuals and organizations to gain the benefits of model-based systems engineering.”

Productivity Benefits with Enhanced User Interface

Ease of use is key in improving efficiency, especially when the problem is complex. Designed by systems engineers for systems engineers, GENESYS 2020 allows users to tailor the easy-to-use interface. User-customizable ribbons enable access to external applications and run scripts to streamline repeated tasks. Commands can now be added that are as simple or as powerful as required in order to extend the power of GENESYS.

More Flexibility in Diagram Visualization

GENESYS already has a rich set of diagrams that can be automatically generated to reflect the latest design with guaranteed consistency. GENESYS 2020 now provides greater descriptive capability on diagram nodes as well as more flexibility in labeling – delivering systems engineering substance with even greater style.

DOORS Connector Provides Seamless Interoperability

GENESYS utilizes connectors to exchange data with other tools used in the model development and verification process. Engineers can create a GENESYS ecosystem, connecting workflows with the greater enterprise to easily access data directly from the systems engineering repository. GENESYS 2020 allows teams to tailor the exchange of requirements with DOORS, enabling organizations even greater control over critical requirement verification and decision history.

Functional Diagram Simulation with New Debug Capabilities

GENESYS 2020’s enhanced simulation capability allows the user to visually step through a simulation using any functional diagram and see in real-time what is executing, what is blocked, and why it is blocked, thereby providing even greater insight into the real system behavior. For those users who desire even greater power, extensions now provide easy access to model the behavior at whatever level of detail is desired.

Schema Refinement Based on User Needs

Vitech’s systems engineering solution is built on a foundation of more than 50 years of successful systems engineering practice. Captured in the schema that defines the critical concepts and interrelationships, the systems metamodel helps organizations successfully navigate the systems engineering journey from the first concept through the final test. With GENESYS 2020, Vitech continues to refine the schema based on its experiences and insights in the areas of verification and test, enabling teams to better structure and manage the required activities to clearly demonstrate system readiness.

“With GENESYS 2020, we continue to enhance the power, flexibility, and quality of the engineer’s work experience, enabling them to better address system needs,” said Long.

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Miriam Rich