Use Better DFM Checks to Improve Flex PCB Manufacturing Productivity

Use Better DFM Checks to Improve Flex PCB Manufacturing Productivity


Flex designs pose unique challenges for most PCB tools because traditional object checks don’t account for Flex check nuances. They present a new set of objects that are best accounted for during the design phase.

This forces designers to incorporate changes after the design data is off to manufacturing for build. The manufacturer must then perform the Flex-based checks on the design and relay the issues back to the designer. This leads to a frustrating loop that delays product releases and wastes money.

Working with manufacturers up-front to incorporate their knowledge base into an intelligent checking machine can reduce or eliminate this iterative information. Rules can be adapted as more data is shared, empowering even the most unseasoned Flex designers to produce valid designs.

Improve Flex PCB Manufacturing Productivity with Better DFM Checks

Webinar AttendeeLive Webinar – March 7, 2018, 2:00 PM EST

Our upcoming webinar will provide tool-based solutions to address the challenges of producing manufacturable Flex designs. The demonstration will showcase the creation and implementation of complex Flex rules and how they can be validated in a Flex design. The webinar will be hosted by Steven Watt, Manager of PCB Engineering at Zuken USA.

If you’re reading this post after March 7, you can still view the on-demand version of the webinar. For everyone else, we encourage you to attend the live version so you have a chance to ask questions.

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Bob Potock
Bob Potock
Vice President of Marketing, Zuken USA, Inc.
Bob Potock is the vice president of marketing for Zuken USA and is passionate about Zuken's leadership role in Digital Engineering. Bob is developing new solutions to address today's growing product complexity that include expanding the partner ecosystem and the adoption of Digital Engineering methodologies. Bob lives in Colorado and enjoys hiking, fishing, golfing, and time in the mountains.