ZIW 2021 Digital Edition Highlights


ZIW Electrical Design Track

What’s New in E3.series 2021

In this session, we review the latest product updates in the 2021 release. There is something for everyone, including key enhancements for usability, automation, and cross-platform integration.

E3.series Tips & Tricks

In this session, participants will get a closer look at leveraging the vast E3.series knowledge base, accessing on-demand e-training, and requesting ‘How-to’ knowledge base content. . . all while learning some of the most interesting and little-known E3.series tips and tricks to add to your toolkit.


“Always love hearing from Zuken about E3.series. Especially appreciated the Tips & Tricks and Industry trends.”

Bobby Scott, Electrical Product Engineer II
Harsco Rail

ZIW Electronic Design Track

What’s New in CR-8000 2021

As customers’ technology needs to change and grow, so do the features and functions within CR-8000. Each year, Zuken provides a major update to our CR-8000 toolset. The changes and additions to the software are driven by customer feedback and by Zuken’s innovative and ever-evolving technology direction. We are constantly striving to add new tool capabilities and tune existing to meet or exceed our customers’ design needs. In this session, we will review the CR-8000 2021 release highlights with an overview and demonstration to highlight what is new and improved and how those updates will help advance customer productivity.

Unlocking Productivity Through Scripting in CR-8000

This session focuses on automation techniques in CR-8000 Design Gateway and Design Force. We will explore the different forms of automation available and discuss the abilities of each. It will cover CR-8000 executables that can be used in batch form, macroing capability, and more advanced scripting such as VBScript and JavaScript.


“Love the overhaul of the community on the website. It makes it easier to find what I’m looking for.”

Carol Mellinger, PCB Designer

ZIW Digital Engineering Track

Where are You On Your Digital Engineering Journey?

This session will explore some of the pitfalls in a poor Digital Engineering implementation followed by Zuken’s approach and the associated benefits. If your company is considering, investigating, or has deployed a Digital Engineering environment, this session is for you.

What’s New in GENESYS 2021

This session will provide a brief overview of GENESYS and explore the new capabilities in GENESYS 2021.GENESYS 2021 brings new analytical power to model-based systems engineering (MBSE). Native support for inheritance streamlines the creation, maintenance, and extension of architectures as users rapidly model both general and specialized ideas.


“I thought it was a very concise and excellent event where I was able to learn addition information about sanding up a Digital Enterprise.”

James Martin, Anark Corportation

ZIW Sponsor Track

ProjectionWorks / Zuken Integration

Wire harness assembly is a complex process. Engineering teams must supply technicians with design instructions that are both precise and easy to understand. For decades this information has been printed on large mylar sheets. However, the static nature of these drawings often leads to a considerable amount of information crammed into a small area, often resulting in human error and rework.delta-sigma-rgb-1024x154

Anark Core Technical Collaboration Platform Enhances Zuken Digital Engineering

More people than ever before need to be connected to your Digital Engineering processes. This includes experts that use your technical systems and tools every day and many that do not. Watch this session to learn how Anark helps companies: Improve product collaboration and decision-making by connecting people to a Digital Thread and each other. Publish technical data packages (TDPs) to share system design requirements and disposition those requirements as part of a traceable verification process. Streamline reviews related to require verification.



“I enjoyed the conference. I really like the fact that I have access to the sessions for 60 days, that is something that the live event did not provide.”

Gerald Henry, Senior PCB Designer