configuration management

Configuration Management

Build new products from modular blocks

Manage and track configurations

Typical time savings of 50% and more can be achieved by taking the digital design flow beyond basic schematic and layout design into more complex options and variants. This enables companies to scale-up and gives confidence in scheduling when bidding for high-value contracts. Automotive and machinery industries producing custom products based on variants of base options are especially likely to benefit.


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Native design data management

In electronic and electrical engineering, the requirements for design data management go beyond ‘simple’ file management: Libraries and material master data of components must be kept in synch, and changes need to be propagated to variants and related designs.

Access to reliable data and information

With powerful design data management functionality directly integrated into the user interface of Zuken’s authoring tools CR-8000 and E3.series we enable engineers to access libaries and design data for reuse and confiugration without administrative overhead.

PDM, PLM and ERP integration

Built on industry standard object-oriented architecture, our solutions are fully equipped to integrate into existing PDM/PLM and ERP environments, providing a true electromechanical data model with full visibility of electrical and electronic designs down to component level.

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