Reclaiming Engineering Productivity

5 easy steps to increasing engineering productivity

This White Paper investigates what approaches exist for increasing engineering productivity, and identifies steps that can be taken to find a better balance between engineering management tasks and effective use of engineering development time.

“…reduce time spent on support and time-sink activities by 5% and daily available time for engineering tasks increases by more than 20%.”


We have turned creators into managers, and engineers into administrators. And for good reason! We assumed it was wise to reallocate a small amount of an engineer’s time to administrative tasks, based on the premise that gains would be achieved elsewhere in the process through the benefits of data and process consistency. But it could well be that this was a false assumption.


  • Engineering data management
  • CAD & EDM for design and reuse
  • PDM & PLM for process and data management
  • ERP or enterprise business systems for business process support
  • ECAD/MCAD integration gaps
  • Product success levers
  • Eliminating time-sinks for engineers

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