Endress+Hauser standardizes PCB engineering and production processes for industrial measurement products across distributed locations

With PCB data and process management solutions from Zuken, Endress + Hauser has standardized development and manufacturing processes across five geographically-distributed operations, enabling company-wide parts standardization, design-reuse and increased engineering productivity.


Around 10 years ago, Endress + Hauser standardized the engineering toolsets used across all operations. This provided the basis for important synergies through standardizing components, reusing designs, and developing modular products.

Right from the beginning, the perspective went beyond mere standardization of CAD software to achieving R&D benefits across divisions: “We were aware that a unified CAD environment alone would have provided only limited leverage for synergy effects. Since each operation was using a component database of its own, it was impossible to reuse existing designs across operations,” says Paul Burger, Group Leader PCB R&D.

All components used across all operations adhere to a unified material numbering system, and every material number is backed up by a choice of approved and certified second-source components so that the production can be maintained in cases of shortage.

Today, all design data generated in the Endress+Hauser Group are managed and provided within DS-2. Each employee can directly retrieve all data they are authorized to access, from within their user profile. If  a change is made, the system automatically creates a new revision, so there are comprehensive safeguards in place to ensure that data released for manufacturing are not compromised due to errors.

In the past, we had to manually collect the data for every single task. Today the user pulls up a menu and selects the required documents to initiate automatic generation.

Paul BurgerGroup Leader PCB Design Research + Development at Endress+Hauser

Through the standardization of design data and libraries we have created the foundation for the systematic reuse of existing designs.

Paul BurgerGroup Leader PCB Design Research + Development, Endress+Hauser

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