Zuken Experiences Steady Growth in the Global PCB Market over the Last Decade


Over the last decade, Zuken has seen steady growth despite periods of tough worldwide economics. During this time, the PCB market has grown roughly 3% per year. However, Zuken’s PCB business has grown at a much faster rate of 10% per year.

This has been achieved quietly and confidently. So quietly, in fact, that while the #1 and #3 vendors in the PCB market are often mentioned, #2 Zuken are left out. We can only attribute this to our competitors’ marketing machines. The key to our success has been to work towards sustainable, long-term growth by delivering advanced products and focusing on our customers’ success. We are not a company seeking short term gains. It’s about the bigger picture, partnering with our customers for the long-term, being stable, while being dynamic and able to quickly respond to the latest technology advancements.

Zuken, as a worldwide organization, recognizes that Europe and North America holds the biggest potential for growth and advancement of our organization. We are focused on delivering technology that meets these market demands.

Industry Success

Over the last decade, we have expanded our presence in our traditional industries such as automotive and consumer electronics while moving into other growing sectors like railaerospace and machinery. This has proven to be very successful for Zuken, allowing us to increase our number of employees, develop more product innovations, and deliver even better service to our customers.

New Customers and New Partnerships

We are very pleased to be working with many of the world’s leading companies stretching across all major industries. Some of these companies include FiatAlstomHoneywell, ArburgOptima and many more.

We have traditionally been successful at working with the major global innovators in Japan and Asia that have been successfully leading innovation in the electronics industry around world. But things have changed, more and more companies in Europe and America are leading the technology wave. This has led to increased demand for Zuken products and services in these regions. As I mentioned in my previous post (Zuken World #2 in PCB Design Market Share According To Updated Figures from Gary Smith EDA), Zuken is no longer the best kept secret in EDA. We’re happy to have the chance to prove it.