Swapping Vias Made Easy with Design Force

Tech Tip: Swapping Vias Made Easy with CR-8000 Design Force


Introduction: Make Modifying Vias a Breeze

When it comes to PCB design, last-minute changes can be a challenge. However, with CR-8000 Design Force, modifying vias on your already-routed board becomes a breeze. By utilizing the Edit Padstack command conveniently located in the quick access toolbar, Design Force empowers you to quickly and easily make the necessary changes. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of swapping vias using Design Force.

Step 1: Add Padstack Editor to the Quick Access Toolbar

First, ensure that the Padstack Editor is added to your quick-access toolbar. This allows for easy access to the necessary tools.

Step 2: Launch the Edit Padstack GUI

Open Design Force and navigate to the quick access toolbar. Click on the Padstack Editor button to launch the Edit Padstack GUI.

Step 3: Select the Via(s) to Change

Identify the specific via(s) that you want to swap out or modify. Use the selection tool to choose the via(s) on your PCB design.

Step 4: Right Mouse Button – “Select all Same Name Padstacks”

To streamline the process, right-click on the selected via(s) and choose the option “Select all Same Name Padstacks.” This ensures that all the vias with the same name are included for modification.

Step 5: Apply Changes Within the Edit Padstack GUI

Locate the Padstack name section, and click the “Apply” button. This will initiate the changes and update the selected vias with the modified padstack properties.


Design Force makes swapping vias a quick and straightforward process, even when you’ve already routed your board. Following these simple steps and utilizing the Edit Padstack command, you can efficiently modify and swap out vias to meet your design requirements. Embrace the convenience and efficiency that Design Force offers, ensuring smooth last-minute changes in your PCB design.

Brian Gilman
Brian Gilman
Applications Engineer
Brian Gilman is an applications engineer at Zuken USA. He started at Zuken in 2009 after spending over 20 years at Invensys.