Net color display for Cr-8000 Design Force

Tech Tip: Net Color Display, Design Force


Using color to identify nets, or groups of nets can make it easier to visually identifying nets when routing.  The color of nets can be defined in Design Gateway and forward annotated to Design Force. Colors can also be set in Design Force Constraint Browser or by using the “Set Net Color” GUI under the Track tab in the canvas view.

Colors for Nets can be defined in Design Force using “Set Net Color” located on the [Track] tab of the ribbon.  The dialog can have up to 7 predefined colors to choose from which are customizable at will.  A selected net will inherit the color that is selected in the dialog. You can also clear the color for the selected net by selecting “Delete color settings”.  Colors set using the Set Net Color tool cannot be set at the E-net level.  They are set at the net level and can be viewed in the Constraint Brower by expanding the E-net in the tree view panel.

Control over what objects shall be colored is defined in the Canvas View Settings under the Track tab, Net Options, Color specified objects.

Brian Gilman
Brian Gilman
Applications Engineer
Brian Gilman is an applications engineer, supporting customers with CR-8000/CR-5000 training and consulting. He works directly with the customers on a daily basis helping them work through the technical challenges they face. He loves to ski and must be on the first chairlift in the morning to lay down the first tracks on fresh powder.