Generating Shield Vias

Tech Tip: Generating Shield Vias (Via Fence) with the Ability to Specify the Starting Point of the First Via


A via shield (Via Fence) creates a vertical copper barrier through the PCB to help reduce crosstalk and electromagnetic interference for high-speed signal routes. A via shield, also known as a via fence or a picket fence, is created by placing a row of vias alongside a high-speed signal route, thus creating short ground returns to an adjacent ground plane.

A designer can now pick the starting point of the via shielding pattern (Via Fence) so the spacing of the vias is guaranteed to equal the spacings specified in the parameters dialog. Without this ability, spaces could be left in a pattern that did not adhere to the D2 spacing parameter set in the dialog.

I will now demonstrate this improved feature in CR-8000 Design Force 2022 in the following video:

Jeff Perry
Jeff Perry
Applications Engineer