E3.series Help Section

Tech Tip: Exploring the E3.series Help Section


The E3.series help menu is an invaluable resource for explanations or examples of how specific functions in E3.series work. This can include the general functions of E3.series and information on scripting through the COM interface, complete with examples.

Using the help menu could save time and effort in figuring out how to use a particular feature within E3.series. Often users may have questions about how to use a function in E3.series properly but don’t know where to go to find these answers. We provide a variety of options for help, including the Zuken Community and Zuken Global Support (ZGS). But sometimes, it’s as simple as searching in the help menu directly inside e3.series.

In this video, we will explore navigating the E3.series help menu.

Alex Bitzer
Alex Bitzer
Applications Engineer
Alex Bitzer is an applications engineer covering both the Zuken Global Support Hotline and delivering web and in-person training. Her work focuses on educating both new and experienced customers on the workings of E3.series. In her spare time she loves to make props for cosplaying and attend conventions.