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Tech-Tip: Design Data Management with Zuken’s DS-CR Engineer’s Desktop


Design Challenge

Often, it’s challenging to organize and track product design data used by many people throughout the design cycle. This tech tip will help you manage design data in a secure, access-controlled data vault with check-out, revision control, and approval workflows.


The DS-CR Engineer’s Desktop (EDT) provides a well-organized, enterprise-wide, project structure for all the electronic product data in a given project. Data resides in a secure, access-controlled file vault with check-out and lifecycle tracking features.

Design Data Management - Engineer's Desktop (EDT)

DS-CR organizes design data management in a convenient tree structure grouping related design objects such as the circuit, layout, and parts list. It provides features to easily visualize the current status and track the history of each object.

The video shows you how to use DS-CR EDT for product data management.


To summarize, DS-CR’s EDT provides a secure, access-controlled environment with a consistent project structure for design data. Design objects are under revision control with review and approval workflows to manage the transition through each stage of the design process. Furthermore, the status and change history is visible within a few mouse clicks.

Learn more about DS-CR here!

Tom Warneke
Tom Warneke
Application Engineer for DS-2/CR/OP
Tom Warneke is an applications engineer, providing customer support for DS-CR and DS-OpenEDA applications used for Electronics Product Data Management (ePDM). His work focuses on enhancing business agility, productivity, and collaboration for electronics product design and supply chain management through ePDM integration to EDA and PLM/PDM systems. Outside of work he enjoys cycling, photography, and time spent with friends and family.