Something New and Different at PCB West


PCB West is an event our team looks forward to all year. This year was no exception, especially since we all missed out on that in-person experience in 2020. What made this year even more special was the 30th anniversary of PCB West! The longevity of the event is a testament to its continued impact on the industry. After all, it is “the largest conference and exhibition for printed circuit board design, fabrication, and assembly in the Silicon Valley”. This year, we decided to try something new and different at PCB West.

New and Different

Plenty of attendees turned out to attend the one-day exhibition. Typically, the event gives our team a chance to get face to face with the design and manufacturing community to showcase our exciting technology. Much to our disappointment, we couldn’t be there in person. But we made the most of the situation by sending our stand-ins. Meet Amy and Wilmer!

Booth and staff at PCB West 2021
Amy and Wilmer “attend” PCB West 2021

Visitors to our booth were able to interact with us by taking a survey, watching a video, sharing selfies with the staff, and registering for a webinar. The free coffee at the barista cart was again popular this year, offering attendees a jolt of midday energy. In keeping with tradition–and to add to the fun–we asked attendees to take a short survey and tell us how they like their coffee. Take a look at the responses:

Donut chart showing coffee preferences. New and Different at PCB West
PCB West 2021 Coffee Survey Results

Ready for Something New?

Not surprisingly, this group likes it sweet, and Cream & Sugar wins the day. That stat agrees with the first few years of our highly “scientific” study. What’s different about this year’s results is that Cream Only is in a neck and neck tie with Black, whereas in 2019, it was a crowd favorite. We offered a new response option in the survey this year–On the Rocks–and we had a small percentage indicate that was their favorite. . . mine too!

High Performance at a Low Cost

Speaking of new and different, have you taken a look at eCADSTAR, our high-performance, low-cost solution for PCB design? eCADSTAR is more than a PCB layout tool offering simulation, 3D MCAD integration, and wire harness support, all built on the latest technology for enterprise-level performance at an affordable cost. If you didn’t get the chance to see us at the show, you can learn all about it by visiting our website, watching a webinar, or requesting a demo. And we promise you’ll get to speak to a live person, not a cardboard cutout!

We look forward to seeing you live and in-person next year at PCB West 2022, where we’ll keep doing our best to bring you what’s new and different, and we’ll have some fun along the way. You can also catch us in Massachusetts in April 2022 for the return PCB East.

Amy Clements
Amy Clements
Director of Marketing Communications
Amy is the Director of Marketing Communications in North America. Her role includes advertising, public relations, event management, social media, and more. She thrives on managing complex projects, especially when there is an opportunity to interact with customers. In her spare time, she and her family enjoy traveling.