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Model Adaptation for Agile DevOps – Part 2: Top-down


Recap from Part 1 of the discussion: I was tasked with building a thread of system features related to the control, guidance, and navigation of a military aircraft.  The end product must show the system’s behavior at different hierarchical levels: system capabilities, system features, and subsystem features.  The model must also be useable in an Agile DevOps environment.

With an understanding of a system capability, I laid out an overall series of system capabilities based on phases of flight.  Since the Program wished to view system capabilities as how the aircraft was “used” at the high level, phases of the flight made sense to me.  Keeping this type of behavior in the Operational Activity (OA) layer was also crucial.  That way, the same set of functions can implement multiple activities in multiple capabilities.

Now we are ready to look at an example of system capabilities similar to what I developed for the actual aircraft system.  It starts with “Check System – Preflight” and ends with “Taxi – Postflight.”  Note that these capabilities are generically named for demonstration purposes in this article.  They do not reflect the actual system operational concepts or design implementations for security reasons.

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