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Meet Our People: Herbert, Solution Architect


Meet Herbert Ritthaler, an experienced Solution Architect from the technical competence team based in Germany. He’s been a part of the Zuken family for nearly 30 years. Being relatively new to the Zuken family myself, I enjoyed connecting with him and hearing about his fond memories and experiences while working here. Now I’d like to share his story with you.

The Early Years

Meet Herbert Solution Architect, Zuken

After graduating from university, I worked for a small electronic engineering company. There, I started working on an electronic development and circuit design program. At the time, the company was using Cadstar, but it wasn’t very efficient–not at all like the new eCADSTAR we have now. After several years in that role, I began working for Racal-Redac as a support engineer in Munich.

My job required knowledge of all the basic applications such as schematic, layout, and manufacturing within the Visula tool suite. I also had the chance to learn about the latest upcoming technologies–high-speed design and PCB simulation. Customer product training and software installations are just some of the things I did while working in that role. Towards the end of my time at Racal-Redac, a job opportunity at Zuken opened up, and boy am I glad I accepted it. Almost 30 years later, working at Zuken is still a delight.

My Role as a Solution Architect

For many years now, I’ve worked as a solution architect, demonstrating Zuken’s DS-CR and the CR-8000 suites to prospects and customers. A big part of my job is filled with customer projects like planning or teaching new tool skills or implementing optimized design processes. I am also involved in new software function presentations and our Jour Fix meetings. These are customer meetings where we discuss software updates, so everyone is on the same page. Through the years, I have learned that customers do not often change their decision-making processes. Therefore, when presenting to customers, my goal is to understand how they use our software and give them guidance to improve, simplify, and optimize their working methodologies. It gives me great pleasure when I use my expertise in helping customers achieve their end goals in finding solutions to their problems.

Speaking of customers, Siemens Digital Industry Sector has been a Zuken customer for a very long time. As a technical project leader, I’ve supported them from the very beginning of their Zuken product experience, which includes the transition from Mentor/Visula to CR-5000 and now finally to CR-8000. We have had a strong relationship with them all these many years and look to this relationship as an example to strive for with all of our customers.

The Best Colleagues Worldwide

I enjoy working on the technical competence team, which is a collection of extraordinarily talented and intelligent individuals. I know that they are always there to help me figure out a solution if I ever have any questions. This is true of my team in Germany but also extends to my colleagues throughout Europe, America, and Asia.

Walking, Skiing, and Beer

A man wearing traditional Bavarian clothing enjoying a beer in a beer garden. Herbert, Solution Architect. Zuken.
Herbert enjoys visiting the many beer gardens in Bavaria.

When I’m not working, I enjoy exploring the outdoors in Germany. You can see me walking in the mountains during the summer or skiing in the winter. Like a true Bavarian, I also enjoy visiting the many beer gardens we have and drinking a nice cool glass of brew.

Sabina Perkis
Sabina Perkis
Marketing Assistant
Sabina Perkis is a Marketing Assistant at the SOZO Center and Zuken USA. Her work focuses on social media, tradeshow and event coordination, interfacing with external vendors, writing blogs, and more. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and cooking.