Next Generation of Engineers

IET and IMECHE Supporting the Next Generation of Engineers


Last week I checked out the Autosport International Show at the NEC in Birmingham, UK. Amidst the petrol fumes, race cars and scantily clad young ladies, I learned a lot about what the industry is doing to support the development of engineering innovation, particularly in the autosport arena for the next generation of engineers. This includes the IMECHE’s Formula Student organisation and the IET’s Green Power Education Trust.

Formula Student

We’ve been involved with the likes of Esslingen University since 2009, so we’re we’ll versed with this programme and recognise the importance of supporting students. And that’s why I stopped by to talk some more about how we can help more students at other universities.

Unfamiliar with the Formula Student Programme? They describe themselves as “the world’s biggest student motorsport competition bringing together 3,000+ students, 5,000 attendees, 250 industry professionals and 130 universities from 30 countries”.

Many companies such as Bosch, National Instruments and Jaguar Land Rover recognise the importance of supporting tomorrow’s talent by sponsoring the programme. With 40 years in the game, we too see the importance of long-term investments, whether that be on a skills level or within technology.

Learn more below about how we’ve worked with students on Student Programmes across Europe and America:

Green Power Education Trust

formula student

The difference here, compared to Formula Student, is that it gets kids as young as nine involved in a building and racing competition, split into four age categories with different levels of complexity. From the Goblins category for 9-11 year olds from school teams across the nation, through to the Silverline Corporate challenge where companies like Renishaw compete. They’ve got an inspiring website if you want to find out more