Distributor Spotlight: CTS Norway


Name: Lars Kvendbø
Connection to Zuken: 
E³.series distributor based in Norway
 Skien, Norway.

I am the managing director of CTS covering E³.series sales and support across the Nordic European region – that includes Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. Today I’m going to be talking about the Nordic European region coming out of the recession.

Lars Kvendboe managing director of CTS

Nordic European region 2008 – 2010

In 2008 and 2009 the Nordic economy suffered, like any other area of the globe. All the big industry segments across the region including machinery, transportation, military, offshore/marine and energy felt the pain and so did we. But 2010 has seen the market start to move again (even if it is still slow).

The pressure for companies now is to offer more competitive offerings – ie more for less, and that trickles down to us. In some ways, talking from my own personal experience, it has seen us sharpen up our own sales techniques and processes. For manufacturers it has made them look harder at their design processes and how to increase efficiency while pushing the technology boundaries, which again is good for us, as they seek out new ways of streamlining their electrical design processes.

Nordic countries have their differences

I mentioned above that we work with many different companies within different countries across the Nordic European region. It might be easy for an outsider to look in and bundle these all together in their perceptions of the way they do business etc. The truth is, they may all suffer from long cold winters and enjoy the midnight summer sun, but each country has its own culture and variances in the way they do business.


Electrical design trends in Nordic Europe

There is a big movement with the companies in the region, to focus on issues surrounding integration, automation and simulation. This is when I’m glad to be selling E³.series as it ticks everyone of those boxes (and a whole lot more).

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Thinking to the future, what do you think are going to be the growth areas in the Nordic region over the next couple of years?