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The trend of steadily increasing product and variant diversity continues unabated in the manufacturing industry. Understanding and mastering the resulting technology and process complexity challenges is therefore important for all stakeholders in the value chain. With our solutions we help control product and supply chain complexity, contributing to an interdisciplinary electro-mechanical product development process.


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Configuration management

The adoption of platforms and modular product architectures requires configuration capabilities that ensure that only valid combinations of options and modules are used in the engineering process. Our solutions support configuration management both on an authoring and a design data management level.

Library and design data management

Dedicated engineering data management solutions monitor and maintain relationships between a source design and affiliated reuse instances across all versions and revisions. Our design data management functionality is directly embedded into the familiar user interface of our electrcial and electronic authoring environemnts.

Coordinated change processes

Complex products require structured change processes. With our engineering data management solutions we provide valid and reliable data and information, as well as workflows and role-based access and change permissions, enabling all stakeholder to work with current data and informations.

Satisfied customers

We have a very sophisticated and all-encompassing system with an advanced control system. With E3.series I am in control of this complexity and it has allowed me to create designs logically.

Graeme ShieldsDesign Manager at Emergency One

In the past, we sometimes had to shy away from bidding on some more complicated projects because the electrical design could not be completed in the time required by the customer.

Joe GeisingerChief Technology Office, ARM Automation

The intelligence contained in the database of E3.series has helped reduce design time to about one-third of the time required in the past. These time savings have made it possible for us to bid on more complex systems without concern that the electrical design could not be completed within the project deadline.

Joe GeisingerChief Technology Office, ARM Automation

We can place components in a 3D environment, taking into account any constraints that may have come over from our mechanical engineers, and then switch back to 2D for routing.

Peter Leonard, Electronic Design Manager for Group Engineering

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