Smart Tools for Power Industry Electrical Design

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What are the smart utilities doing differently?

Adopting smart tools to create a cost-effective and dependable infrastructure. Today, utilities like Hydro-Québec and Hydro One are leading the way in creating a seamless design process where multiple teams are working together to create a robust quality-focused system in a fraction of the time.

Designing that infrastructure with accuracy and speed is an essential element of the strategic outlook. A design in the generation and distribution space requires careful attention to detail in every aspect from concept all the way through to documentation.  A smart tool approach can double your productivity.

This webinar will contrast and explore the smart tool approach with current practices.  Here are some common inefficiencies experienced today:

  • The conceptual design is created first by one team, then passed to the next team to document the design logically.
  • The physical design was again created manually and then passed on to another yet another team to document it.
  • Finally, the documentation to assist with the design and purchasing was created manually.

All these areas are serial in nature and any change in one area requires work from the other teams to ensure accuracy of data. Errors are not an option, that leaves onerous and laborious checking and cross-checking to ensure an error-free design.  A smart tool approach enables the team to design, tracks changes and offer re-use.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to efficiently create large designs with multiple teams
  • How to re-use information effectively at every stage
  • How to automatically create panel drawings
  • How to automatically create cable/terminal drawings
  • How to speed up loop drawings
  • How to provide more design understanding with the help of intelligent reporting
  • How to track changes across versions to enhance safety compliance
  • How to implement a common library from concept to physical design

Who should attend:

  • Engineering directors and strategic thinkers
  • Change management specialists
  • Technical and electrical design engineers
  • Engineering managers
  • Product managers
  • Quality assurance and testing engineers and managers


Paul Harvell, Product Director of E3.series

More than 25 years of experience working with multiple industries makes Paul a remarkable source of knowledge and solutions for electrical design.

Paul played a key role in enabling Hydro-Québec and Hydro One to adopt Zuken’s E3.series solution. In addition to facilitating installation and implementation on immense scales, he was able to develop and implement new workflows and processes to help drive efficiency and quality across design teams.

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