Top 5 Harness Manufacturing Challenges

On-demand webinar

A discussion about the Top 5 challenges in harness design and manufacturing has been long overdue. Harness manufacturing is growing driven by the electrification across industry lines. The challenges are consistent across industries for the most part without a consistent solution. We have heard pretty much all the challenges and worked on solutions with customers for over 40 years.

The Harness Builder for E3.series  platform readily provides the best solution for the majority of the challenges facing harness designers and manufacturers alike. The need for further customization is greatly reduced to enable rapid results.

The solutions being presented can be replicated to be effective with intelligent design platforms capable of customization. We are excited to share the challenges and the most effective solutions gathered from the harness manufacturers across the spectrum.

What you’ll learn:

  • Top 5 common challenges in the harness manufacturing industry
  • Areas of improvement to increase design throughput
  • Simple steps to create an immediate productivity impact
  • Manufacturing impact of modern documentation

Who should attend:

  • Harness manufacturers and designers
  • Technical and electrical design managers
  • Engineering managers
  • Product managers
  • Quality assurance and testing engineers/managers, etc.


Sanu Warrier has been a product leader in the Electrical industry working with multiple solutions over the last decade. He has been helping customers find effective solutions to their design challenges, drawing from R&D experience in software, hardware and solutions development. He is a self-professed foody and loves to dabble in gastronomic alchemy as often as possible. The main focus for Sanu continues to be Eliminating inefficiencies, improving design processes and reducing costs to improve your competitive advantage.

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