Intellectual Property Management

Helping to protect against design theft

This white paper looks at the extent and danger of intellectual property theft in today’s manufacturing environment, and considers how new generation ECAD software can help stem the problem.


A new generation of electronic computer aided design (ECAD) software helps guard IP by enabling users to control what type of information is shared with various members of the extended enterprise. By automatically enforcing best practices in IP control, companies can be confident that each supplier only has the information they absolutely need to do their job. This approach makes it much more difficult to reverse engineer a product while not complicating the legitimate manufacturing process. IP management best practices can significantly slow down, if not stop the counterfeit process.


  • The challenge of preventing IP theft
  • The lucrative business of reverse engineering – tricks of the trade
  • Current methods of protecting IP
  • Time impact of IP protection
  • New ECAD software with smart permission controls to allow quick dataset limiting
  • Time bombs to limit data set access

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