EMA Expo 2024

EMA Expo

You’re officially invited to EMA Expo 2024!

This in-person event features experts introducing the latest electromagnetic engineering simulation strategies and technologies to get you better results, exhibitors showcasing new products and services to make the design process easier, and four technical training workshops providing you with the latest up-to-date industry knowledge and standards.

Along with presentations and training, Ansys CTO Dr. Prith Banerjee will be giving a keynote address to all attendees titled “Use of AI/ML in Simulation.”

Who is EMA?

Electro Magnetic Applications, Inc., or EMA, was founded in 1977, focusing on the analysis, hardening, and testing of systems. EMA is a leading developer of technologies for engineering simulation. EMA’s engineering specialty is in applied electromagnetics. In this domain, EMA provides software and services to promote the design, certification, and performance of our customers’ products.

In its early years, EMA supported customers in aerospace and defense with an emphasis on electromagnetic environmental effects, space environmental effects, electromagnetic compatibility, and radio frequency interference simulation, design, and testing. EMA became an Ansys Technology Partner in 2020 and commercialized two simulation products: Ansys Charge Plus and Ansys EMC Plus. EMA has since expanded into electronics and automotive applications and electromagnetics.

EMA is excited to interact with our colleagues more deeply with the introduction of EMA Expo.