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DeltaSigma ProjectionWorks

About DeltaSigma ProjectionWorks

ProjectionWorks patented software was first developed in 2010 in collaboration with the United States Airforce Research Program. The goal was to provide a low-cost solution for delivering clear and specific optically projected work instructions onto an aircraft. 

It has since been recognized as an industry standard with widespread application across manufacturing facilities worldwide. Primary use cases include, but are not limited to, harness assembly, mechanical assembly, pain, and metrology. 


ProjectionWorks / Zuken Integration

Wire harness assembly is a complex process. Engineering teams must supply technicians with design instructions that are both precise and easy to understand. For decades this information has been printed on large mylar sheets. However, the static nature of these drawings often leads to a considerable amount of information crammed into a small area, often resulting in human error and rework.



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Mixed Reality For Manufacturing

ProjectionWorks™ is a family of products that are used to provide three-dimensional instructions to various manufacturing processes.

  • Mechanical Assembly – provides assembly and inspection instructions
  • Paint Masking – provides paint scheme viewing and masking instructions
  • Measurement Assistance – provides data input from a GripGage™to user application software
  • Wire Harness Assembly – provides wire harness assembly instructions
  • Kit Preparation – provides kit presentation for nested cut/stamped material

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