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What’s the Origin of the Zuken Name?


The company name Zuken, is not because it was founded by Mr Zuken, but was created with a purposeful meaning in mind. The origins are Japanese and is actually an acronym for…

Zukei     –    Shori       –     Gijutsu    –   Kenkyujo
Design   –   Process   –   Technology   –   Research Center

With this in mind, the creative sorts got together and created the Zuken square logo that incorporates the “Z” in Zuken and the first character of the Company’s name in Japanese  and closely resembles the flag of a ship.

Color by design

And the colors were no artist’s accident either. They were carefully selected to represent the company.

Black = earthy people that are grounded and trustworthy
Yellow = intelligence
Blue = direct Japanese translation is time and space that indicate an imaginative and innovative company

Together, these colors represent Zuken’s determination to be “people who are trusted like the earth and who use our wisdom to provide products that create time and space.” In an English context what this really means, is that we are good honest people that you can rely on, who use our intelligence and imagination to create innovative and efficiency creating solutions.

So what do you think, do we live up to our name?

Water and the wave

You might wonder ‘why all the water’ everywhere with Zuken? And it again it comes back to symbolism – what does this visual representation of water really mean to people? Well, I guess there might not be a total consensus here, but we were trying to relate it to Zuken’s core values too – agility, clarity, flexibility, dynamic, trusted, working in and around your processes and the final bit about it being a basic requirement for life on earth.

So you might think that the final point about Zuken being a basic requirement for life on earth is a bit strong – and we’d agree with you. We do recognize that we’re maybe a little further up the pyramid on Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs after the physiological food, water, shelter and clothing 🙂

Please let me know if you think we live up to our name and stand true to our values…

Guest Author
Guest Author