E3.series Using Design View 0

Tech Tip: Streamlining Workflow with “Merge as view in E3.series” in the Device Tree Clipboard


Introduction to the “Merge as View in E3.series” Feature

For those working with E3.series, you can use the “Merge as view” technique to maintain efficient design processes.

Utilizing Copy and Paste Extended Commands

When you want to place Design Views of your finalized circuit, tap into the “Merge as view” option in the Copy and Paste Extended commands.

Key Step for Activating Merge as View

To activate this feature, you need to follow one procedure: copy, paste, and extend the original Design View (0).

The Benefits: Streamlined Workflow

Using this method, E3.series users can quickly replace Devices in the circuit instead of doing it individually every time they add a new Design view. This approach not only streamlines your workflow but also reduces the time spent.

Watch and Learn

Check out the comprehensive visual guide on how to “merge as view in E3.series” in the demonstration video below.

Daryl Williams
Daryl Williams
Senior Applications Engineer
Daryl Williams is a Senior Applications Engineer providing customer support for E3 Cable and Wiring. He helps customers resolve current issues with a focus on solving software, design and installation questions. He is a sports fanatic and likes movies