Tech Tip: Reporting All Wire Widths by Layer using CR-8000 Design Force


Engineers have been asking is it possible to get a report of the wire width for each routed trace by layer the answer is yes. Using CR-8000 Design force an Object Filter can be created to select only traces on each layer and then a report can be shown reflecting the information using the utility “Pen Width”. This gives the Engineer a quick way of reporting the number of traces and their width for each conductive layer. Below is a video demonstration.

Jeff Perry
Jeff Perry
Applications Engineer
Jeff Perry is a Customer Support Applications Engineer. He focuses on customer support for CR-5000/CR-8000 Tool Suites. Jeff provides instruction on Zuken tools at customer sites or via the web. He also puts together Application Notes, Tool Tips and Tech Tips which help improve customer productivity. He enjoys golf and spending time with his grandson.