MIL Connector Placement Display Options

Tech Tip: MIL Connector Placement Display Options


With E3.series there is a licensed option to extend the connector handling. Allowing customers to design their schematic drawings to the Mil-Aero standard. These additional features help to correctly display the MIL connector symbols on the schematics. E3.series offers several different display options for these MIL connector symbols. So that customers can choose based on their requirements. In E3.series 2020, these displays options expanded to be able to include break-up edges on top and bottom of the MIL connector symbols.

Since there are many variations to how our customers need to design their schematics. Having these display options helps to provide solutions to those design differences. In some cases, customers may require that all break-up edges to show an incomplete connector group should only be on the bottom of the group. Others may want to display them on the top and bottom. There may also be some cases where a customer requires to not show break-up edges. The best way to accommodate these differences is to offer setting options for the customers to use. In the following video, I will be showing you some examples of the MIL connector display options using these settings.

As expressed, adding the connector handling to E3.series helps with designs using MIL connector symbols. With this added option comes the various MIL connector display options. Having multiple options helps to provide solutions for different customer needs. These options will allow the customers to choose which option best fits their needs for how the connector symbols need to look for them.

Laura Mirto
Laura Mirto
E3.series Technical Marketing Manager
Laura Mirto is the E3.series Technical Marketing Manager in North America. As a former E3.series applications engineering team member, providing useful information to our current and potential customers will always be one of her passions. One of Laura's favorite hobbies is arts and crafts; she is always up for learning a new art form.