Design Force Recommended Commands Using AI

Tech Tip: Design Force Recommended Commands Using AI


CR-8000 Design Force has a function in which AI (Artificial Intelligence) learns the user’s past operations and recommends commands the user may want to use next.

The Recommended Commands function learns and remembers recent operation history and recommends commands in the AI section of the GUI.  This new tool will save the user time by not having to return to the ribbon for frequently used orders.  If users use the same commands with different settings, they can select from the operation history instead of changing settings, making them more efficient.  Just like the command from the Recommended Commands GUI and start working.

Turn on the Recommended Commands tool from the quick access toolbar and start working.  The device will remember the functions used and add them to the list.  Once the history is built up, the AI part of the tool will suggest commands a user may need to use next.  It is very simple and will save time during the design process.

Brian Gilman
Brian Gilman
Applications Engineer
Brian Gilman is an applications engineer at Zuken USA. He started at Zuken in 2009 after spending over 20 years at Invensys.