CR-8000 Tech Tip CR-8000 Design Force – Concurrent Multi-Area Design

Tech-Tip: CR-8000 Design Force – Concurrent Multi-Area Design


In CR-8000 Design Force, we have a feature called Concurrent Multi-Area Design.
This feature allows multiple design engineers to work on the same data at the
same time.
Note: from the 2022 release, up to 10 people can work on the same data.

This video will show the Concurrent Multi-Area Design feature.

First, need to set up Concurrent Multi-Area Design Server.
From Windows Start menu, [Zuken CR-8000 Concurrent Design Server ####] > [Concurrent Design Server Settings].

Concurrent Design setting in CR-8000 Design Force

Type in the Port number you like to use for the Concurrent Design Server program. Then click [Add].

Concurrent Design Server Port Setting

Click Play button to start the Concurrent Design Server program.

CR-8000 Design Force Concurrent Design settings

From one of the client machines, open Design Force, [File] > [Open] > [Design Data…].
(Chose a Concurrent Multi-Area Design)

CR-8000 Design Force Concurrent Design Data

CR-8000 Design Force Concurrent Design Data folder

Click Elipses next to “Host name”.

If you need to add a Concurrent Design Server host machine, then click [Add..].

CR-8000 Concurrent Design input host and port

Select the Concurrent Design Server host machine you like to connect and click [OK].

Navigate to the DF design data you like to open, select it, and click [Open].

Next, open the same DF data from a different machine.

CR-8000 Design Force Data

Adding a wiring line using the machine on the left side.

CR-8000 Design Force Wiring Line

Once you do [Data End] (or [Command End]), the wiring line input from the machine on the left side will also display on the right side machine.

CR-8000 Design force concurrent wiring line

Moving a component from one machine will have the same results as the wiring line and we can see the change on the other machine.

Moving a component from one machine to another in CR-8000 Design Force concurrent design

CR-8000 design force concurrent design mirroring

For more information about Multi-Area Concurrent Design, please reference the DF online help.

CR-8000 Design force Multi-Area Concurrent Design

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Takashi Ichikawa
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