Systems Engineering for Rapid Innovation in a Hyper-Dynamic World

Systems Engineering for Rapid Innovation in a Hyper-Dynamic World, Part 3


This is the third and final post in a three-part series about systems engineering for rapid innovation in a hyper-dynamic world. The first post introduced the subject; the second post discussed how to address each of the three systems—the system-of-interest, the enterprise system, and the external system—from the standpoint of rapid innovation. We conclude here with recommendations on how the systems engineer can proceed in such an environment.

Systems engineering for rapid innovation is not just about moving fast. That is a fool’s errand, to be sure. More important than pure speed is velocity: speed paired with direction. Good systems engineers help point the team in the right direction at the right speed.

Understanding your enablers and constraints in the larger context, while acknowledging that the enterprise continues to change and evolve, is crucial. Leverage your past understanding and knowledge, be willing to accept new feedback information and adapt, and try new approaches. Remember: there is no defined endpoint. There are only the states ahead and behind.

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Amy Clements
Amy Clements
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