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Meet Our People: Alexandra, HR Intern


Meet Alexandra Schneller Meet-Our-People-Alex-1

Alexandra is an Intern at our HR department in Munich, Germany. She joined Zuken in September 2022 to discover where her career path could take her. We recently sat down for coffee together, and she shared her story.

Just Getting Started

I’m on the brink of completing my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences Landshut, and come summer – graduation! My interest in business was sparked at a young age thanks to the inspirational guidance provided by my mother. With graduation around the corner, I’m exploring different opportunities in student jobs and internships to discover where my career path can take me—my semester abroad in Finland interested me in learning more about Human Resources.

My Internship at Zuken

As a working student in the HR department, I support the entire HR team. Not only can I assist with contracts and references, but I also get involved in recruiting processes! It’s incredible discovering all that Human Resources has to offer — new exciting projects are always waiting around every corner!

The flexible hours for interns are designed to fit around any hectic university schedule, so whether there are periods where you want more or less work time – it’s never an issue! I am currently choosing two regular days to work plus extras during the semester breaks – enabling me to balance both free time and productivity.

The Zuken Team

At Zuken, personal development and respect are top priorities – no matter your seniority. Everyone is appreciated for creating a harmonious workplace where cooperation flows naturally!

Working at Zuken is like being part of one big family! I felt right at home from my very first day. Everyone’s got each other’s backs when there are many things to do, plus during induction, everyone provided excellent support, too – it made for an easy transition. My supervisor has become my mentor as she passes on her experience while teaching me new skills.

Traveling, keeping Traditions alive, and More!

I love making the most of my downtime! From playing tennis, skiing, and hiking to going for leisurely walks – you can always find me outdoors. I also love to travel, and I am involved with our local club, “Goldacher Madeln,” which is a great way to help keep Bavarian traditions alive by organizing festivities or participating in cultural events throughout our area.

Walking on a beach in Norway
Figure 1: Alex on a hike in Norway


Girl in front of Statue of Liberty
Figure 2: Alex exploring New York City
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