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How I Explain to My Relatives What I Do as a Systems Engineer


So you work on the railroad? That’s a common question systems engineers often get–coupled with a confused expression–when they tell people what they do. For those of you who are curious, or who may need help explaining what it is you do, Vitech’s Fran McCafferty has compiled a useful list to help people understand:

  • thought leader
  • problem solver
  • communicator
  • planner
  • analyst
  • prover

Check out Fran’s original post for the full story, then let us know what you might add to the list.

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Fran McCafferty
Fran McCafferty
Principal Systems Engineer

Fran is a practicing principal systems engineer leveraging experience gained over a 30-year career. Fran was one of the early pioneers in applying model-based systems engineering, serving as the GE-era Strategic Defense Initiative requirements manager. He has also led numerous project architecture development efforts for commercial, U.S., and foreign defense projects.