How do you take your coffee?

How Do You Take Your Coffee?


The Zuken team likes its coffee, a lot! I don’t want to exclude the tea drinkers, but yesterday was National Coffee Day 2015 (September 29th) so we are going to talk about coffee.

At PCB West this year, Zuken sponsored the coffee cart – this was a first for Zuken and PCB West – and it generated quite a buzz on the show floor! Attendees could enjoy a cup of coffee or event their choice of a latte, cappuccino, iced coffee, etc. from Peet’s Coffee. There was only one catch…to get the free coffee coupon they had to answer a couple of questions.

In honor of National Coffee Day, we asked “How do you take your coffee? Now this is typically a caffeinated bunch so I was a bit surprised to find the majority like it with cream and sugar (44%). A little disappointing to us coffee purists who like it black (29%) and want to enjoy that full robust taste. Next came cream only (21%) and then the sugar only preference (2%). Some interesting data to think about next time you visit the coffee machine!

Zuken’s goal at PCB West was to change the conversation from 2D PCB-centric design methodology to 3D product-centric design methodology. In support of that new conversation, Zuken delivered four technical papers all related to 3D product-centric design ranging from IC packaging to product-level architectural validation.

Congratulations to the PCB West organizers for putting on another successful event. Attendance was record-setting and exhibitor participation was exceptional. We look forward to participating next year. Don’t forget to stop by our booth, grab a cup of coffee and “Get to Know Zuken.”

Bob Potock
Bob Potock
Vice President of Marketing, Zuken USA, Inc.
Bob Potock is the vice president of marketing for Zuken USA and is passionate about Zuken's leadership role in Digital Engineering. Bob is developing new solutions to address today's growing product complexity that include expanding the partner ecosystem and the adoption of Digital Engineering methodologies. Bob lives in Colorado and enjoys hiking, fishing, golfing, and time in the mountains.