Electronics Market in France

Distributor Spotlight: Novacad – The Electronics Market in France


Name: Philippe Biran
Connection to Zuken: CADSTAR Distributor in France
Location: Aix-les-Bains, France
Website: www.novacad.fr


Zuken has asked me to write a blog post today to tell you a bit more about the electronics market in France, and along the way I’ll tell you a bit more about my involvement – just to prove to you that I’m not a newbie to the market 🙂

Electronics market in France

The French electronics market in some aspects is no different to many of the other Western European countries; we as a country have suffered greatly as business has moved to countries like China, India and east Europe.

Yet, in another ways we are quite different to some of the other countries in Western Europe. The French electronics market is dominated by lots of very small companies employing maybe 5-10 people, and these people are not generally focused solely on electronics.

We also have many very large organizations, its one extreme or another; there are very few mid-sized companies. But fortunate for us, we can offer the best of both worlds, we understand the business challenges of a small company, but we have the backing and support of Zuken, a large global organization.

2011 Vision

I see a growth in the adoption of high-speed and mechatronics enabling technology within the smaller companies within France this year and remain hopeful that the market will improve.

Philippe Biran Biography

I am the managing director of Novocad which was established as an independent company in July 1996. There are five of us in total including myself as the sales man, two applications engineers and two office administrators.  We work very closely in partnership with Zuken to distribute CADSTAR software, and provide training and support across France, the French speaking part of Switzerland and French speaking part of Africa.

Personally I have been working with CADSTAR for over 21 years and when I’m not selling CADSTAR I enjoy playing football and tennis, drinking red wine and eating good French, Italian and Chinese food.

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