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Top 5 Reasons to Present at Zuken Innovation World


The ZIW Americas call for papers is open through December 2nd, so now is a great time to share some thoughts about why you should present at this year’s conference.

The cornerstones of this event are NetworkLearn and Innovate – and by sharing your knowledge as a presenter, you’ll be part of building a successful event and delivering the high-quality education our attendees have come to expect.

Top 5 reasons you should present:

  1. ZIW free registrationFree registration

    All of our presenters attend the conference for FREE. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Waiving the conference fee is our way of thanking you for your time and effort in putting together an exceptional presentation. And it’s your way to persuade your manager to approve your attendance. In these times with budget cuts all around us, who doesn’t like free?

  2. ZIW accessFull access to all conference activities

    All presenters receive an all-access pass to all conference sessions and networking events. Not to mention, your session will be promoted in all of our event marketing efforts. We’ll treat you like the engineering rock star that you are!

  3. Showcase your knowledge

    ZIW speakerYear after year ZIW draws a regular following of customer and partner attendees who are there to learn about best practices, tips and tricks, new technologies and success stories using Zuken tools. Who better to present and share that information than the people who use our software each and every day? This is an opportunity to showcase your personal knowledge as well as the incredibly cool stuff that your company does.

  4. Professional development

    ZIW networkingIn addition to sharing your knowledge, presenting is a way to increase your personal visibility in front of an audience with like interests. This is an excellent opportunity to build and strengthen your professional network within the Zuken community throughout the 2-day event.

  5. Be a contributor in the Zuken community

    ziw-speaker-rockwell-300One of the most frequent comments we see on conference surveys is “more user presentations”. Well, here is your chance to present and get involved with the Zuken community of users and contribute some of your expert knowledge. Who knows, you might even want to turn your presentation into a blog post or an article after the event –  and we can help you do that too.

Ready to get started? Or maybe you’re still a little unsure. We’ve got a whole team of folks ready to help you come up with a topic, and even help you prepare your session if you want. Not so comfortable in front of a crowd? Consider a tag-team approach with a colleague or with one of our technical experts. Submit your abstract here.

When it’s all said and done, presenters and attendees at ZIW work hard, learn a lot and have a great time doing it. And the fact that you get to do it in Hilton Head this year makes it even better! If you have questions, call or email and I’ll help you get started.

Amy Clements
Amy Clements
Director of Marketing Communications
Amy is the Director of Marketing Communications in North America. Her role includes advertising, public relations, event management, social media, and more. She thrives on managing complex projects, especially when there is an opportunity to interact with customers. In her spare time, she and her family enjoy traveling.