Four Reasons to Speak at Zuken Innovation World in San Diego


Each year, Zuken Innovation World (ZIW) brings together members of the Zuken community to share knowledge and experiences that drive learning and innovation. We’ve issued the call for papers for the April 2018 event in San Diego, and now we want to hear from you.

Here are some of the reasons you’ll love speaking at ZIW:

1. It’s an amazing opportunity to build your personal brand

Kevin Wrenn of PTC speaking at ZIW

If you’ve got any experience using Zuken’s tools, then you’ve got a story to tell. Share your know-how with others who are there to learn. Best practices, tips and tricks, new technologies and success stories are always in demand with our attendees. Speaking gives you the chance to showcase your own personal knowledge as well wow the crowd with the incredibly cool stuff that your company does.

2. Give back to the Zuken community

Zuken Community

Users want to hear from other users – the ones in the field putting our tools to the test every day. Year after year, one of the top comments on attendee surveys is “more user presentations”, and I’d be willing to bet you’ve made that comment yourself at one point or another! I’m calling you out. Get involved and dare to share what you know.

3. Network with industry leaders

Attendees Networking at ZIW

When you attend ZIW, you’ll see attendees from all industries, at all levels in their organizations. Who knows who you might meet. You’ll also get to spend time with many of the Zuken experts you work with on a regular basis. Sit down over lunch, have a coffee, or pull up a stool at the Expert Bar – there’s no shortage of ways to build and strengthen your professional network within the Zuken community.

4. Attend complimentary and learn

Happy ZIW Attendees

Waiving the conference fee for all of our guest presenters is simply our way of thanking you for your time and effort in putting together an exceptional presentation. How can the boss say “no” to free? On top of that, you’ll have access to all of the other great presentations on the agenda, so you’ll be sharing AND learning.

And here’s a BONUS – did I mention it’s in San Diego? That alone is a reason to go! Then there’s the golf outing, the amazing food, the resort on the water, the swag…I could go on and on.

Convinced? We’ve got a whole team ready to help you craft your topic, and even help you prepare and deliver your session. If you have questions, call or email and I’ll be happy to help you get started.

Apply today to be a part of ZIW Americas 2018—submissions are due November 3, 2017. Visit the Speakers’ Corner for submission guidelines and more information.

Amy Clements
Amy Clements
Director of Marketing Communications
Amy is the Director of Marketing Communications in North America. Her role includes advertising, public relations, event management, social media, and more. She thrives on managing complex projects, especially when there is an opportunity to interact with customers. In her spare time, she and her family enjoy traveling.