electrical schematic design software - E3.schematic


E3.schematic – Documentation and creation of electrical schematic

Zuken’s E³.series is used for documenting and detailing electrical and fluid design projects. Its flexibility supports the entire process from definition and design, through manufacturing and maintenance. Its unique object-oriented architecture ensures all stages of the design are fully synchronized. E3.schematic is the base module in the E3.series portfolio and provides electrical engineers with an easy-to-use solution for creating and documenting electrical control schematics.
E3.series’ ECAD engine is designed by electrical engineers for electrical engineers. Features include integrated, real-time design rule checks (DRCs) to identify and prevent errors during the design phase, and an intelligent parts library that helps drive the design with automatic part selections.

Special Functionality in E3. schematic

  • Schematic creation
  • Multi-language GUI
  • Multiple drawing standards (e.g. IEC, DIN, ANSI, GOST)
  • Multiple sheet formats (e.g. DIN and Ladder)
  • Automatic text translation
  • Comprehensive search mechanisms
  • Context-sensitive online help
  • 256 display levels
  • Supports STEP, DXF/DWG, SVG and PDF pixel graphics
  • Bidirectional API (COM/DCOM standard)
  • Integrated component database editor
  • Online terminal reports
  • PLC import/export of I/O data
  • Integrated electrical and fluid schematics
  • Automatic contact arrangement tracking
  • Configurable wire numbering
  • Automatic and parallel connections
  • Online design rule checking
  • Variant and option support
  • Online cross-references for connections and devices
  • Configurable hyperlinks

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