CR-5000 ensures integrity of PCBs throughout design and manufacturing...


CR-5000 PCB Design Software

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PCB design software

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Enterprise-wide advanced PCB design

CR-5000 ensures integrity of PCBs throughout design and manufacturing through a constraint-driven design process with concurrent DFM verification. Facilitating highly sophisticated product design, covering multi-layer and high-speed package and PCB technology, with integrated signal integrity and EMC analysis, CR-5000 is created to serve medium to large organizations conducting engaged in multi-user design.

CR-5000 PCB Design Software

Worldwide #1 PCB design tool

The performance of CR-5000, coupled with its scalable design environment, provides product development teams across disciplines and geographic boundaries with flexibility and maximum collaboration opportunities for team based design.

  • Right-the-first-time products through a constraint-driven design process with DFM verification throughout PCB design and manufacturing preparation
  • Design technologies for multi-layer high-speed PCBs, with integrated signal integrity, power integrity and EMC analysis
  • Object-oriented, database-driven PCB design software architecture
  • Intuitive graphical user interface and PCB design work flow
  • Built-in support for design variants and version control
  • Easy integration with MCAD, PLM, or ERP systems
PCB design software

What’s New in CR-5000 R18

CR-5000 revision 18 offers a number of workability and operability enhancements to improve product delivery schedules and reduce costly, error-prone steps in the design process.

Workability Enhancements

  • Enhancement of Area DRC
  • Improved Equi-space Via Generation
  • Enhanced Test Point Features
  • Enhanced Area Design Rule Checks
  • Enhanced Differential Pair Routing & Checks
  • Enhanced Differential Pair Routing Move
  • OBD++ Output Function Improved

Operability Enhancements

  • Display Pin Names and Part Names
  • Extended LCBD Extraction Function
  • Lightning Linkage Enhanced
  • DFM Center Check Items
What's new...

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    CR-5000 - PCB Design Software

    Scalable single board design

    CR-8000 Compatible

    CR-5000 offers highly sophisticated functionality for the layout of multi-layer high-speed PCBs and IC packages, addressing design challenges such as signal integrity, power integrity and EMC, while ensuring high-yield manufacturability.

    The seamlessly integrated tools within CR-5000 enable the interactive workflow required for a straightforward design process and provide all the technologies required for an efficient and complete electronics development process. This includes:

    • System design and analysis
    • Constraint management
    • Concurrent FPGA and PCB design
    • PCB layout and verification
    • High-speed and EMC analysis
    • Manufacturing output

    All of this is complemented by a parts library manager, powerful documentation system, and an extensive internet-accessible components library. CR-5000 further supports co-design and co-verification with widely used mechanical, electrical, and thermal design systems.

    CR-5000 PCB Design Software

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