Functional Block Diagrams to Detailed System Wiring Diagrams – A New and Integrated Approach

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In the area of System Design, System Engineers have accomplished their design tasks using an array of different tools including spreadsheets, diagramming programs, and “dumb” graphics. Integration between block diagrams and interconnect and system wiring diagrams has typically involved manual operations resulting in significant time and cost burdens. With the new Functional Design capability built into E3.series, Zuken introduces a new, integrated, solution for system design that integrates the creation of Block Diagrams with the generation of Interconnect Diagrams and System Wiring Diagrams.

What you’ll learn:

  • Easy generation of Functional Block Diagrams
  • Interconnect diagrams generated from Block Diagram data
  • System Wiring Diagrams generated automatically

Who should attend:

  • Engineering managers
  • Project and program managers
  • Designers
  • Design managers

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