PCB Simulation and Analysis

++PCB Design and AnalysisCR-8000 is a complete design environment that includes fully integrated simulation and analysis tools to verify your single or multi-board designs. During circuit design, Design Gateway provides embedded simulation, analysis and electrical rules checking. During PCB layout, the Design Force embedded signal integrity, power integrity, electromagnetic interference1, and electromagnetic compatibility2 tools provide a single environment solution for all of your design team’s simulation and analysis requirements. This eliminates the need for time-intensive export, analyze, rework and repeat using separate tools. Simulation and analysis can be performed on a single board (SI/PI/EMI/EMC) or across multiple boards (SI). Identify and correct system and board-level errors and issues early in the design process!

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Signal Integrity Features

  • Assist with topology planning
  • Automatically or interactively assign simulation models
  • Generate waveforms directly from circuit design
  • Test signal route order with standard or user-defined topologies
  • Conduct “what-if” analysis to determine effective termination

Power Integrity / Electromagnetic Interference Features

  • Identify critical power integrity and EMI issues during layout
  • Report on the voltage drop and current density of power nets
  • Verify the distribution of power to ground impedance and also the input impedance of power pins
  • Evaluate common mode and differential mode emissions
  • Review power bus performance
  • Optimize IC and decoupling capacitor placement
  • Validate the quality of Power Distribution Networks (PDN – AC and DC analysis)

++EMC Return Path

Electromagnetic Compatibility Features

  • Access to 36 rules in six categories to ensure complete coverage of all EMC performance issues including:
    • Track shielding
    • Open and closed loops
    • Impedance matching
    • Return path
  • Effortless error detection via an easy-to-use spreadsheet report with highlighting and cross-probing
    Intuitive view of the EMC analysis results on the Design Force canvas in either 2D or 3D

Third-party analysis tools

  • Analog simulation
    • Synopsys HSPICE
  • Modeling and simulating physical systems
    • Synopsys Saber Platform

Design Force also includes interfaces to best-in-class analysis tools providing you with a single circuit simulation platform. The add-on simulators include:

  • RF Analysis
    • Keysight ADS
    • AWR Microwave Office
    • CST Microwave Studio
  • Power Integrity / EMI
    • Cadence Sigrity
  • 3D Fullwave Analysis
    • Ansys SIwave

The Design Force integrated layout, simulation and analysis environment will help your design team detect errors earlier in the design process, thereby reducing cycle time, errors, rework and design spins.  

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  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) refers to a device's radiated field which, if not properly shielded/grounded, will potentially affect the functioning of nearby devices.
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) refers to a device's conducted electric noise which, if not properly controlled, could potentially affect the functioning of nearby devices.