Nozioni di base sull’automazione della progettazione dei cablaggi 2

On-demand webinar

This webinar follows our first webinar “Wire Harness Design Automation Basics 1” where we have seen the logical part of the design process. Now we will look at the physical part of the wire harness design process.

Starting with the logical information from wiring diagram and topology design, we will transfer the harness data to the mechanical engineering software. This will allow us to do the routing of the harness in the original 3D-Environment. The next step in the design process is to convert the 3D harness into 2D and generate a scale 1:1 formboard.

For those who have no data from E3.series available we will show how to create a formboard from scratch or using EXCEL files (bill of material and connection list). Once the formboard is completed, we will generate the information for manufacturing and service. At the end of the webinar you will see how changes in the project are identified, managed and documented.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to export harness information to 3D-MCAD
  • How to convert a 3D harness to 2D
  • How to import a 2D harness and generate a formboard automatically
  • Creating a formboard based on a bill of material and a connection list
  • How to start direct at the formboard
  • Generate data for the harness manufacturing How to identify and document modifications

Who should watch:

  • Design engineers
  • Engineering managers
  • Product managers
  • Customer service professionals
  • Service providers
  • Harness manufacturers

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