CR-8000 ADM Check Results

CR-8000 Design Force

Multi-board System Design – Design Force

Break down the boundaries of your electrical design process with Design Force, a true innovation in system-level IC package and PCB design and analysis. As the process for designing a complete product continues to increase in complexity, it often includes technologies that have become difficult and sometimes impossible for most ECAD tools to manage and address. Design Force provides the ability for design teams to take system-level design information from as early as the conceptual and planning phase and layout each board in the product, simultaneously considering the entire system view.

Design Force fully leverages the latest industry hardware and software capabilities, allowing users to design in a native 3D environment, obtaining optimal performance by utilizing native 64-bit, multi-threading, multi-core processors. Design Force supports multiple client-server implementations and includes the ability to work from your corporate cloud. Many consumer devices have introduced the use of finger gestures to communicate with touch screen devices. Design Force allows users to make simultaneous use of both hands, interacting with the mouse and a touch pad to promote maximum productivity during the design process by significantly reducing the number of menus, mouse clicks and mouse travel distance.

Top features and benefits

  • Hierarchical multi-board design and system-level signal and design traceability
  • Combine conventional 2D design with 3D design in real-time
  • 64-bit, multi-core, multi-threading platform with support of OpenGL and DirectX graphics for optimal performance
  • Concurrent design of multiple PCBs in one environment
  • True 3D architecture supports accurate design of embedded components, die in cavities, and embedding ICs directly in the dielectric material
  • Single environment for high-speed design with constraint management and SI and PI analysis
  • Integrated electromechanical environment enables users to design with accurate 3D enclosure model in real-time
  • Design to any manufacturing specification during layout with built-in design for manufacturing (DFM) checks
  • Integrated IP Management allows filtering of critical design details when exchanging data with suppliers
  • Chip-package-board co-design to optimize I/O for improved routability
  • Embedded work-in-progress (WIP) data management with DS-2, Zuken’s electronic library and data management solution
  • Full compatibility with CR-5000 Board Designer


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