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PCB Version Control and PLM with Zuken DS-CR and PTC Windchill

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PCB version control and change management with zuken DS-CR and PTC Windchill
Webinar – PCB Version Control with Zuken and PTC Windchill

Using a realistic engineering change scenario, PTC Windchill and Zuken jointly demonstrate how a product innovation project that requires close coordination between the mechanical and electronic development teams can be executed in an efficient and process-safe manner. This method enables teams to communicate the required change clearly and practice good PCB version control throughout the product lifecycle.

The starting point for our electronic engineering scenario is a change request to a sports motorcycle design initiated in PTC Windchill which will trigger a modification of the PCB design in CR-8000 and DS-CR.


  • Specification of a product requirement
  • Creation of a change request
  • Evaluation of the request
  • Planning of the change
  • Creation of the change order
  • Implementation of the change PCB design with CR-8000 and DS-CR
  • Managing PCB version control to reduce risks

Learn from the expert

Martin Santen
Team Leader
CR-8000 + Data Management Solution Manager
Zuken GmbH

Markus Fleckenstein
Business Development Director
PTC Windchill

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